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Between 1.6% and 5.1% of people in the US have experienced at least one episode of anaphylaxis. The most common triggers are certain foods, certain medications and insect stings. Many people with food allergies also have allergies. Since respiratory symptoms are common in both conditions, it can be challenging to know whether someone is experiencing a severe allergic reaction or an asthma flare because they have similar symptoms. Asthma, food allergy and a high risk of anaphylaxis can occur together, and asthma can increase the risk of fatal anaphylaxis. In this webinar, Dr. Alice Hoyt how to plan for emergencies with both asthma and anaphylaxis.


Alice Hoyt, MD, FAAAAI
Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy

Dr. Hoyt is the Chief Allergist at the Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy in New Orleans, LA. She has been practicing academic, evidence-based medicine for over a decade. Dr. Hoyt is board certified in internal medicine, pediatrics and allergy & immunology. During her fellowship at the University of Virginia, Dr. Hoyt launched a now national allergy-focused non-profit organization, The Teal Schoolhouse supporting the Code Ana Program which teaches medical and non-medical school personnel and child care providers about medical emergencies.

At Vanderbilt University, Dr. Hoyt continued her food allergy-focused efforts before transitioning to Cleveland Clinic where she helped launch its Food Allergy Center of Excellence. Dr. Hoyt decided to bring her food allergy knowledge to families in her home state and launched the Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy. In addition to leading the institute, Dr. Hoyt hosts the top-ranked food allergy podcast Food Allergy and Your Kiddo and chairs Code Ana.

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